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Pregnant Woman Orally Raped By Brazilian Anesthesiologist During C-Section Procedure!



An anesthesiologist has been arrested and set to face numerous charges after being caught on camera by colleagues orally raping an unconscious pregnant woman in Brazil!

According to Black Enterprise, a series of nurse became suspicious of Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, 32 behavior following two procedures conducted the day in question. As they were preparing for the third procedure they decided to stash a hidden camera within the operating room.

In the now circulated video he is captured in the act of violating a woman while she was sedated. Giovanni can be seen entering his penis within the patient’s mouth and moving his lower body around as she lays on the hospital bed. There is a thin sheet that separates the lower half of her body as doctors operate, and on the other side Giovanni remained to continue the disgraceful act.

It has been indicated that he may have assaulted up to five additional women and that two of them were assaulted on the same day as the woman in the video. He was already under investigation as staff members became skeptical of how much anesthesia Giovanni was giving patients. Sources confirm that some patients were so heavily sedated that after their c-section procedure was completed they were unable to hold their own baby.

This isn’t Giovanni’s first run in with the law, as him and another doctor were indicted in 2018 for misdiagnosing a patient that had the swine flu and telling her she had an urinary tract infection. The error led to her being in a 23 day coma.

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