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62 Year Old Male Arrested After Sexually Assaulting 6 Year Old Boy In A Mc Donald’s Bathroom!



Michigan officials are currently investigating an absolutely disturbing incident involving a 60 year old male and a sexual assault incident at a local Mc Donald’s!

According to KKCTV news, 62 year old Bryan Sutton is currently facing charges  of kidnapping and one felony count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse to a victim under 13.⁠

The Michigan man was arrested recently after he sexually abused a six-year-old boy in a Chicago McDonald’s bathroom.

A security guard recognized Bryan when he entered the restaurant, “as Sutton has had previous incidents at the location, regarding trespassing and other disturbances,” details a police report. He is said to have had followed Bryan as he noticed him enter the men’s bathroom.

According to the Chicago Tribune, when the security guard followed Bryan, he entered the bathroom, pushed open the door to one of the stalls and, saw Sutton “holding” a 6-year-old boy “and rubbing him on his body.” He allegedly “had his left hand on the child’s bottom (over the pants) and his right hand under” the boy’s shirt, reads the police report

⁠It has been stated the incident took place at the Mc Donald’s located in the 600 block of North Clark around 6 o’clock last week over the weekend.⁠

Sources confirm that Bryan had pushed his way into the stall the young boy was occupying and held him against his will while sexually assaulting him.

Officials state that as a security guard walked in on the incident to stop Bryan he began to fight back. He was then  arrested and taken into custody.

The child was taken to Lurie Children’s Hospital in good condition.

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