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Boston Man Who Was Once A Victim Of Police Brutality, Now Serving As The New Police Commissioner!

-Eldica Stuart-


After once being beaten unconcious by two police officers in the 90’s, while working undercover as a plain clothed officer who was mistaken as a murder suspect. A man has turned his trial and tribulations into triumphs and has recently been appointed the 44th Commissioner of the Boston Police Department!

According to CBS Boston, at the time of the incident, someone from the crowd  shouted to the police that Michael Cox was an officer. The police officers who beat him were not charged and are still active police officers to this day.  For years during his civil law case, evidence was tampered with and hidden. Michael even received a host of threats to him and his family. Utimately he settled with the police department for $1.3 million in damages and attorney fees. 

Working his way through the mishaps, Michael became a person who wanted to create change and revitalize his city’s police department. We hope that this will make a positive impact in Boston and decrease police brutality and crime. Cox is a 30-year plus veteran of the Boston Police, so he is not unfamiliar with the department. He knows both spectrums of his career. 

Michael has recently upgraded from being the Chief of Police in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is now going back to his neighborhood. He grew up in Boston and Mayor Michelle Wu says that he is “ uniquely positioned to build the public safety infrastructure that Boston deserves”  We love to hear this! 

As mentioned by the City of Boston, Mayor Wu opened the opportunity to Cox to serve the citizens of Boston and as a way for him to give back to the community. 

The appointed position comes after a 6-month spearheaded by the Boston Police Commissioner Search Committee. 

After three months of the Boston Police Search Committee, they released an application and job description for the position calling candidates to be fit for the position and be prepared to “inspire the confidence and trust of Boston’s diverse communities” 

It was Mayor Wu who went through a series of interviews and candidates, but Michael Cox was chosen and made the final selection to be appointed the Commissioner of the Boston Police Department.

August 15, 2022, Michael Cox will be serving in his new role in his hometown.

Cousins,  Would you remain a police officer after being brutalized by the police?

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