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Father Fatally Shoot His 3 Children And Then Himself While Live-streaming On Social Media; Claims His Girlfriend Cheated And Gave Him A STD!




A tragic story is currently trending throughout social media that we are all still trying to wrap our heads around pertaining to a father fatally shooting his three young children and then himself while live-streaming on social media!

According to a series of reports the incident occurred around 4 a.m. on Saturday morning. Local officers of the Oklahoma City Police Department were alerted to a home within the 8300 block of N.W. 109th St. for a wellness check. They were instructed to check on the welfare of any possible residents inside.

Shortly after their arrival they discovered that Francoise Littlejohn, 29 had exited his home along with his three children. Soon after he began livestreaming on social media issuing a series of to threats.

Reports read that a relative of the family saw the live video and alerted the police immediately. However when they arrived he nor the kids were there.

Officials then began to use multiple resources to locate the family. But sadly Littlejohn drove 6-year-old Kyren Littlejohn, 4-year-old Aliyah Littlejohn, and 3-year-old Trinity Littlejohn to a neighborhood and parked in the 11300 block of Treemont Lane where he tragically executed them and then turned the gun on himself.

The following morning a jogger within the area spotted the car as well as four lifeless bodies inside of it around 7:25 a.m. Saturday.

The entire incident is still under investigation.

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