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Steve Harvey Speaks On Will Smith Oscars Slap Says It Was A Punk Move, “I Lost A Lot Of Respect For Him”



It’s been a little minute but the topic remains the same as Steve Harvey is the latest celebrity to enter the group chat following Will Smith ‘s viral Oscars slap!

Appearing center stage as a keynote speaker at a Georgia State University event over the weekend, Steve took a moment to share his personal views of the controversial incident; reports Revolt.

Steve says that Will slapping fellow comedian Chris Rock was a punk move while sharing that he personally is an ‘undeveloped Christian’. He explains that in further saying, “I’m a Christian, but I’m really undeveloped. I don’t have high-level Christianity.”

“On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m like a 2. That’s the level of Christianity I can work on. You slap T.D. Jakes, he’ll turn the other cheek. You slap me? If you sit back in your seat, Jada would have to move out the way. That’s the type of Christian I am.”

Steve shared his belief that Will only behaved that way because he knew no one was going to stop him.

As we previously reported, Will slapped Chris live on stage at this year’s Oscars awards after he made a G.I Jane joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith. The joke was met with mixed reviews on social media as folks recall the actress revealing she suffers from Alopecia.

“I understand defending the honor of your wife, I’m that dude. … He didn’t do that. That joke was not worthy of the reaction,” said the65-year-old back in March. “If he was gonna have a reaction, I think that Will should have done the man thing, which is step to him afterwards in that press room. And if he wanted to slap Chris then, he could have slapped Chris in the press room and seen how it went.”

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