Mc Donald’s Employee In Critical Condition After Being Shot Over Cold Fries!

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An absolutely senseless incident has left a young McDonald’s employee in critical condition after being shot over cold french fries!

The incident took place on Monday evening within the Fulton street area of Brooklyn, New York, reports the NY Post. On the night in question, Lisa Fullmore had forwarded a complaint that her fries were cold and that she wanted to change them out. However an employee told her that the fries were freshly made. She is said to have become irate and was escorted off the premises.

Sources confirm that she was on FaceTime the entire time with her son Michael Morgan, 20. He is said to have rushed to the store location allegedly carrying a gun on his waist band. Upon his arrival he went behind the restaurant’s counter, smashed property, got into a shoving match with at an employee, and refused to leave.

Officials state that the exchange escalated further outside. Prosecutors state, Morgan punched Matthew Webb, 23 in the face and when he got up, he pulled out a gun and shot him in the neck.

Prosecutors state that Morgan’s girlfriend, Camellia Dunlap, 18 has also been charged with weapons possession in connection with the case after she for allegedly passing him the gun prior to the incident.

Camellia was later arraigned on Wednesday and is being held on $50,000 cash bail. She has admitted to possessing the gun in question.

“Your Honor, the people anticipate a homicide charge on this case given the victim is currently on life support. The victim has been transported to Brookdale Hospital and has been brain-dead,” said Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Luis Paternina to Judge Inga O’Neale during Morgan’s arraignment on attempted murder charges. 

“The family now has to make the difficult decision [to take him off life support].” 

Matthew is currently hospitalized in critical condition and is said to be brain dead.

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