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Glucerna, Oatly, and Several other Beverages have been Recalled for Potential Contamination!

-Eldica Stuart-


First it was the baby formula, now it’s the nutritional drinks!

We have some unfortunate news about a potential microbial contamination with Food and Beverage company Lyon Magnus products. Lyon Magnus, LLC has recalled over 53 of its drink products, and did a voluntary recall.

There is a potential risk of the products containing a foodborne bacteria called Cronobacter sakazakii after an analysis showed that “the products did not meet commercial sterility specifications. Basically, the process of making the products wasn’t ‘clean’ enough this time.

According to Forbes, the FDA has officially issued a recall as well. The following brands fall within the criteria of the recall: Lyons Ready Care, Lyons Barista Style, Pirq, Glucerna, Aloha, Intelligentsia, Kate Farms, Oatly, Premier Protein, MRE, Stumptown, and Imperial. Many of these products are dairy-like products that aren’t dairy.

Although, some of the products listed on the FDA’s page are coffee drinks.

According to the CDC, Cronobacter Sakazakii is found in dry foods, powdered milk, herbal teas and starches. It is rare but it can be deadly. It can affect people differently by age. In infants, it can cause sepsis or meningitis. In adults, the bacteria can cause urinary tract infections or wound infections.

Thus far, there are no reports of illnesses.

Please be advised and discard the products. A full listing of the recalled products are found on the FDA’s official website.

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