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Amber Rose Says She Predicted A Divorce Coming Between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian!

-Eldica Stuart-


When a relationship has been put to an end, how long do you have to speak about it and how long will people continue to ask about your past love life?

Well Amber Rose was asked in an interview a part of the “It’s Tricky’ podcast starring Raquel Harper”, about Kanye West and his failed marriage with socialite Kim Kardashian.

In case you guys are unfamiliar, Amber and Kanye dated back in 2008 and broke up in 2010. 14 years later and the mom of two is still being asked questions about her ex-boyfriend and his new relationship.

Within the interview Raquel asked, “What are your feelings about Kanye and Kim divorcing?” Amber smiled confidently, and gracefully answered, “I don’t have any feelings about it”

 The interview continued as Raquel asked if Amber expected a divorce to happen in Kim and Kanye’s marriage. Amber agreed in saying  “of course” she saw it coming and that it was expected, so the divorce was not surprising to her.

She continued in explaining she has no ill-feelings or never wished anything ‘bad’ for Kanye, but instead “wished the best for them” Amber says she  was ultimately happy for Kim and Kanye.

 “She seems happy, she seems really happy with Pete ” Amber says while maintaining a positive composure as she is being asked a host of questions about her past relationship with Kanye. 

In comparison between the two, Amber and Kim lived two different lives. Kim comes from a wealthy family, growing up in Los Angeles, California and Amber “struggled” and had to “hustle” for hers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Both ladies  share the same birthday.

Amber and Kanye have similar relationship journeys. Similarly, they both moved on in new relationships, broke up with their new persons, both married and even welcomed children after their split, all of which occurred in different time spans. They were known in the past to exchange harsh words on Twitter to one another ill-intended when the relationship ended. Kanye even did a diss track.

As with most breakups, one party or both parties express their last words with one another to get their point across in hopes to release and move on.

Moving Forward, Amber delivered details to Raquel that she is now in pursuit to continue her career in the music industry and is currently working on releasing new music.

 Amber reveals she was featured in Drake’s and Wiz Khalifa’s album and admits she hasn’t been paid for it and only did it for ‘fun’.

Cousins, who do you think made a better match Amber and Kanye or Kanye and Kim?

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