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R.Kelly Ordered To Undergo Sexual Disorder Therapy Once Released After His 30 Year Prison Sentencing!

-Kacee Biggs-


R. Kelly has officially been sentenced to 30 years in prison upon charges of committing federal sex crimes with underage women. However, his punishment doesn’t stop after completion of his sentence!

 According to TMZ, Kelly would have to participate in mental health treatment, must avoid contact with anyone under 18 and will also be under five years of supervised release once he is out of jail.  

Court documents obtained by the publication, prosecutors state that, “Kelly is especially menacing to society, because he’d continued his criminal behavior for years after standing trial in Chicago for sex crimes. Seems that struck a chord with the judge, who ordered Kelly must inform anyone choosing to live with him that he is a sex offender.”

It went on to say, “The only way he’ll be allowed to be around someone under 18 is if it’s a family member, or it’s in a therapeutic setting with a “responsible adult” present — ditto for associating with convicted sex offenders. And, all of the above scenarios would first have to be approved by his probation officer.”

( 📸: TMZ )

Kelly was ordered to pay a fine of $100,000 with Judge Ann Donnelly also stating, “These crimes were calculated and carefully planned and regularly executed for almost 25 years. You taught them that love is enslavement and violence.”

Although the now disgraced singer will be well into his 80s once his sentence is over, there are still worries that Kelly will remain a threat to society – something that the federal prosecutors argued that led to the singer’s hefty earlier this month.

Kelly’s 30-year sentence came almost 10 months after the R&B singer was convicted for one count of racketeering and eight counts of violating the Mann Act – a federal law that criminalizes the trafficking of “any woman or girl for the purpose of prostitution or debauchery, or for any other immoral purpose.”

Lawyers for the “I believe I can fly” singer also claimed that Kelly is “financially destitute” as a result of being repeatedly defrauded and financially sucked dry by family and friends.

Despite being sentenced to 30-years in federal prison, Kelly’s legal troubles are hardly far from over. The singer is set to face yet another trial in Chicago this August in connection to child pornography and obstruction charges.

Cousins, does R.Kelly being found guilty stop you from listening to his music? Or can you separate the artist from the music?

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