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Jacquees Claims T-Pain ‘Hated On Him’ in Interview with The Morning Hustle, ‘That’s my boy, he hated on me though.’

-Avier Wanjou-Brass-


In a recent interview, Jacquees called out “rapper turned singer” T-Pain for hating on him! But could you guys believe it? 

Currently, the self-proclaimed “King of R&B” is on a media run promoting his future project, which, BTW, is executive produced by Future. During his sit down with Lore’l and Headcrack of The Morning Hustle, the New Orleans native spoke about many things surrounding his career, including T-Pain being a huge critic of his, reports v101.5

When asked if T-Pain would make an appearance on his future project, Jacquees responded with, “Na, T-Pain lowkey hated on me.” As The Morning Hustle hosts were stunned by Jacquee’s comment, he quickly followed with, “That’s my boy, he hated on me though.”

Jacquees continues, “Nah he was the one that started all that stuff saying I was monetizing off the remixes and all that stuff.”

If you guys don’t recall, Jacquees refers to the remix incident between him and singer Elli Mai, where he remix her song “Trip.” Allegedly, Jacquee’s version of “Trip,” was removed from SoundCloud and Youtube after the remix attracted more attention than the original.

Plus, the “At The Club” singer was accused of monetizing off the remix, which he denies.

We would love to see these two come together for another song!

Cousins, Are you guys looking forward to Jacquees dropping this summer?

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