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Dave Chappelle Donates All Proceeds From Buffalo Comedy Show To Victims And Their Families Of The Supermarket Mass Shooting!


While booking a last minute show in Buffalo , New York comedian Dave Chappelle announced that all proceeds of his sold out event will be donated to the families and victims of the recent supermarket mass shooting!

During his set Dave informed the audience of over 3,000+ attendees that he had purposely booked the Shea’s Performing Arts Center to honor the victims of the racially motivated attack at Tops Supermarket.

“He said, and I’m paraphrasing, I came here to Buffalo to recognize the victims and for these families,” said Kevin Sweeney, director of marketing and communications for Shea’s Performing Arts Center.

Towards the final wrap up of his performance Dave revealed that family member’s of the victims were in the audience and that all ticket proceeds would be issued to them. Reports read that Dave had invited them personally to attend.

According to the Democrat and Chronicle news outlet, Dave’s appearance was announced Wednesday, June 1. Just a few days before the show and sold out immediately.

“We were notified on Wednesday,” said Sweeney. “But it’s my understanding that he’ll do things last-minute.”

He also confirmed that though Shea’s hosted the show, through Live Nation, however it has no involvement in Dave’s plan and that they could not provide specifics, Sweeney said.

As we previously reported 18 year old, Payton Gendron had entered the Tops supermarket and gruesomely shot a total of 10 people while wounding an additional 3 victims.

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