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Ben Crump Files Lawsuit Against Amazon On Behalf Of Mom Whose Son Died In Tornado After Being Called Into Work On His Day Off!



Civil right’s attorney Ben Crump has officially taken legal action against an Amazon facility after a young man was killed in a tragic tornado incident where he was called into work on his day off!

DeAndre Morrow is amongst six additional people that lost their lives on December 10th when the tornado aggressively sprawled directly into the Illinois located facility.

It breaks my heart that DeAndre was scheduled to take his day off but was called from dispatch to work an extra shift,” said Deon January, the mother of DeAndre.

According to The Grio, Ben has filed a wrongful death suit on behalf of DeAndre’d mother.

We believe (the tragedy) was completely preventable if Amazon lived up to its words,” said Ben.

And those words were ‘We aim to be Earth’s safest place to work. We are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all Amazon employees every day.’ ”

It has been indicated that at least two other families have filed lawsuits. Court documents read that they are accusing Amazon of requiring people to stay at work until moments before the tornado hit and that the employees /victims that died were poorly directed to shelter in a rest room that the company was aware of not being sag e.

Because of Amazon’s apathy and greed, I had to do what no mother should. Bury my child,” Deon.

Amazon has since responded to the tragic December incident in saying that they believe they acted properly. Also that the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration forwarded a “Hazard Alert Letter” to the Seattle-based e-commerce facility noting that they had met minimal federal safety guidelines for storm sheltering and will not face any fines or penalties.

However reports from OSHA indicated that countless employees couldn’t recall ever participating in any severe weather drills or being informed of the location of the facility’s shelter .

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