Jay-Z Set To Produce New Thriller Film ‘Forty Acres’ For Netflix!


Jay-Z is set to put his producer hat back on as he is currently within early development of a thriller film for the super streaming platform of Netflix!

According to Deadline; Jay is patterning up with Luke Cage creator Chris Hardin to produce the upcoming film.

Sources have confirmed that ‘Forty Acres’ is said to derive directly within adaption from the original novel by Dwyane Alexander Smith. The film will depict a cross over between the films ‘Firm’ and ‘Get Out’


It has been indicated that the original novel tells the story of a civil rights lawyer’s fight for survival amidst newly joining an elite secret Black organization.

Jay will be working alongside Kapital Entertainment’s Aaron Kaplan, Niles Kirchner and Bill Strauss to produce the film, with Dana Honor for Kapital, Smith and Mike Epps identified as executive producers.

The film is currently within its early developmental stages, please stick with us for future updates!

📸 : Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

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