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Blac Chyna Named Suspect In A Recent Battery Incident, Woman Claims Chyna Kicked Her In The Stomach!



Blac Chyna name has been come up into a new controversial incident, as she’s currently being accused of kicking a woman in her stomach and also damaging her cell phone!

According to TMZ, the mother of two is under criminal investigation for battery charges. The Los Angeles Police Department states that a woman by the name of Sequoya King and Chyna had gotten into a verbal altercation that turned physical.

Reports read that things erupted on Friday morning within a Los Angeles located bar when Chyna allegedly accused folks of recording her. Sequoya denied Chyna’s claims, but unfortunately the two began to argue.

Sequoya tells officials that Chyna took her phone out of her hands and smashed it to the ground. She says that Chyna then charged at her, kicked her in the stomach and was taken away by her friend into a car. There is a video of the incident where Sequoya asks Chyna, “Did you feel good when you kicked me in my fat a** stomach?”

Though Chyna has yet to publicly address the incident, Sequoya took to social media in a post that reads: For those of you who missed my post earlier this morning I was assaulted by Blacc Chyna! My phone was snatched by her and destroyed and while trying to defend myself she kicked me in my stomach, I have done everything to resolve the matter peacefully but at this point she has to be exposed !!

She continues, “Stop doing drugs sis it’s not a good look. I have been disrespected yet still remained humble. It’s not about the money I just want a new phone, and she has to be held responsible for her actions!!! Moving forward I will take all measures to make sure she is not able to do any more bodily harm to anyone else!!!

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