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Rob Kardashian Takes The Stand To Testify In Ongoing Blac Chyna Vs. The Kardashians, “ I Had A Gun Held To My Head Several Times By This Woman. That’s Not Love.”



Apart of today’s court proceedings, Rob Kardashian took the stand as he revealed shocking never publicly discussed details of his relationship / engagement with Blac Chyna !

Within his alarming testimony, Rob stated that he had gotten with Chyna during the lowest point of his life and that when he proposed to her he didn’t love her. “ It want real love. I had a baby with this girl.”

He continued in saying that their relationship went fast and that he knew she wasn’t right for him but remained because she accepted all of him as he was going through a tough time.

Within the ongoing trial between his family and Chyna, Rob revealed that Chyna had beat him over 5 times within their relationship and held a gun to his head., “I had a gun held to my head several times by this woman. That’s not love.”

According to TMZ, Rob described the night where he claims Chyna allegedly strangled him with a phone cord. He said she’d spent the entire night doing cocaine and drinking. Rob testified that he was forcedto hire full time security because he was afraid for both him and his daughter Dream.

Reports read that during Khloe Kardashian’s Khloe‘s testimony a series of emails read that she had allegedly sent E! detailing her concerns surrounding Rob and Chyna’s relationship and how she feels it could cause damage to the family’s brand. hurt the family brand … Khloe also hinted at leaving ‘KUWTK’ if the the destructive behavior continued.

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