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Kylie Jenner Testified In Court That Tyga Allegedly Told Her That Blac Chyna Abused Drugs And Alcohol, Warned That She Was Violent!



Kylie Jenner took the stand today within the Blac Chyna VS. the Kardahians ongoing trial as she testified of feeling the need to pre warn her brother following an alleged tip she received from her ex boyfriend!

Kylie testified that she was worried when Rob Kardashian got in a relationship with Chyna after Tyga told her she abused drugs and alcohol reports TMZ.

The cosmetic brand owner claims that Tyga also told her that she was violent and showed her a 6 inch knife scar he had and said it came from Chyna.

After being asked about their prior friendship, Kylie confirmed that she had never considered Chyna a close friend. She states that she forwarded her concerns to Rob. “I felt it was my duty to express my concerns, but ultimately it was up to him.”

Kylie says that Rob responded in saying that he was going to continue to date Chyna.

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