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Kris Jenner Testifies That Blac Chyna Allegedly Threatened To Kill Kylie, ” I Probably Thought It Was Just Drama, Which I’m Used To”



As the Blac Chyna VS. the Kardashian trial continues more never publicly discussed incidents and shocking details are coming to the forefront, especially claims that threats of murder have previously been issued!

According to TMZ Kris Jenner took the stand on Thursday issuing claims that Kylie Jenner and former boyfriend Tyga had once told her that Chyna had threatened to kill her youngest daughter.

Kris forwarded the alarming allegation when Chyna’s attorney asked whether Chyna had ever threatened to kill Kylie. She initially stated she did not recall, however the lawyer stated that Kris’s original deposition confirmed the mogul mother did previously state that Chyna had allegedly said that.

Sources confirm that Kris then responded in saying that the attorney would have to ask Kylie and Tyga because they were the ones with first hand information and claims they told her of the threats. “ I probably thought it was some drama, which I’m used to.’‘

It has been indicated that Kris addressed the jury in saying that even after the alleged threats she still supported her son Robert Kardashian’s previous engagement to Chyna.

“I love second chance and I wanted them to win. I wanted my son to be happy.”

She continues in saying she didn’t believe Chyna was at all serious.

As we previously reported Chyna has proceeded with a $100 million dollar defamation lawsuit against the Kardashian family upon claims that they are behind pulling the plug on her reality show ‘Rob & Chyna’. The suit was originally filed 5 years ago. The trial is set to proceed for 10 days


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