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Luv Jonez: Damson Idris Makes Rumored Relationship Red Carpet Official With Model Christina Santini!



Franklin Saint also known as Damson Idris has officially upset the homegirls after seemingly making things red carpet official with model and social media influencer Christina Santini!

The two were spotted for the first time together publicly at the Snow fall season 5 finale premiere on Wednesday at Cinemark located in Baldwin Hills.

Though neither of them have addressed dating rumors as of yet, it has been said that the two played each other close the entire night.

We’re told that Christina creates content exclusively for OnlyFans and issued beauty tips on YouTube. She’s also known for her viral vlog surrounding finding love on Tumblr. Doesn’t appear that it worked out tho. 👀

Cousins, are y’all here for this new relationship?

( 📸: @gettyimages )

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