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Man Responsible For The Murder Of Angela Simmons Son’s Father Sentenced To Life In Prison!



Justice has officially been served within the tragic murder case of Angela Simmons beloved ex fiancé Sutton Tennyson!

Michael Williams has been sentenced to life behind bars for the 2018 incident that claimed Sutton’s life. He will also serve an additional 15 years for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

According to TMZ, Angela took the stand today prior to Michael’s official sentencing. In a very emotionally heavy testimony she described the pain she has to deal with on a daily basis of hearing her son ask when his late father come back.

Angela went on to reveal that she cries all the time remembering how excited Tennyson was to raise their son prior to his death. The multi-business owner says her son also named after him will continue his father’s legacy.

As we previously reported Tennyson was shot and killed following a heated altercation in 2018 that had turned into a fatal argument. The 37 year old male was found with an open garage by local police with multiple gunshot wounds.

Following todays official verdict Angela took to Instagram with a series of pictures featuring her, Sutton Jr and Tennyson with a caption that read, “Justice served today! We got you! We got him.”

In another post she shared, “ Not speaking on your pain, doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you. Always staying strong for my baby. Even days outside of receiving Justice. Our life will never be the same. But I’ll always keep myself and baby boy smiling. Life is simply too short. Long as I’m breathing I got this. I don’t share everything, but what I do share, means a lot.”

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