BIG PRESSURE: Chris Rock’s Brother Tony Rock Says He Does NOT Approve Of Will Smith’s Apology And Diddy Was Lying About Them Making Up Post Slap!

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In the latest development involving the ‘slap’ seen across television screens, Chris Rock’s brother is clearing the air on circulated statements and viral claims! 

Sometimes it is always the younger sibling applying pressure! Actor and comedian Tony Rock has spoken regarding the incident between his older brother Chris Rock and fellow actor Will Smith at this year’s Oscars.  

In a recent Twitter Q&A, Tony made it known that he doesn’t accept Will’s apology and that Sean “Diddy” Combs wasn’t being completely truthful when he told a source “Chris and Will had patched things up after the show.”

Take a look at the tweets below. 

Tony does not play about his older brother! And at this point, I am sure anybody would have their brothers back! Cousins, would you?

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