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Usher Reveals Thar He Regrets Not Taking The Opportunity To Date Aaliyah Seriously And That His 1st Celebrity Kiss Was Monica!



Usher dropped a series of truth bombs recently as he took fans down a trip through memory lane within his dating history!

In an exclusive interview with E! ‘s Daily Pop the legendary singer and songwriter tapped into a game of “Confessions”

When asked what celebrity he wish he would’ve dated back in the day Usher shocked many in saying the late Aaliyah. “Somebody that I was really good friends with that I wish I would have taken more serious.”

He goes on to say that the pair never got around to dating but, “She was a really, really close friend of mine for a small amount of time,. And then we just kind of disconnected.”

Later within the exclusive interview Usher also revealed that his very first celebrity kiss was shared with fellow singer and songwriter Monica. He confirmed that she was also a great kisser.

Cousins who else did you think or KNEW Usher dated back in the day that you were personally fond of?

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