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Target Raises Starting Wages For Hourly Employees To $24!



The good folks of Target are changing the game within a much needed direction following reports they will now start employees off with wages beginning at $24!

The official announcement was made on Monday from the popular retailer confirming that they are set to increase hourly wages for employees at their discount stores, supply chain facilities and headquarters, reports CNN.

It has been indicated that back in 2020 Target set their minimum wages to $15, they’ve communicated that’ll stay in place. However certain employees with specific positions will qualify for a higher raise. Each employee’s raise will be evaluated based on the responsibilities of the titles they hold.

Sources confirm that the spike in wages is apart of Target’s initiative to spend an additional $300 million on their workforce.

Target currently employed a total of 350,000 workers within 1,900 U.S located stores. The franchise is investing towards expanding healthcare access for their employees also beginning in April for hourly employees.

In comparison to their previous requirements, employees will be now be deemed eligible to enroll in the company’s healthcare benefits program as long as they work a minimum of 25 hours instead of 30.

Cousins! This is huge! We are hopeful other employees will follow the vibe check as well by keeping the same energy and paying their employees.

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