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Summer Walker Explains Why She Removed her Shaved Head, High Ponytail Look From Instagram, “My Religion Doesn’t Allow Me To Show My Head”

-Avier Wanjou-Brass-


Summer Walker is letting the trolls know that their critiques are a non-factor!

Tatted-up beauty and R&B songstress, Summer Walker, is true to her style and how she carries herself. Earlier this month on Instagram, the Atlanta singer debuted a new ‘do.

Instead of her typically long locs, the singer had a shaved head with a high ponytail combo. Once Summer posted this on her @glctawhre account. The internet went into a frenzy over her new hairstyle, trolls included.

Fans noticed that images of the new ‘do did not stay on her profile very long. Nearly two weeks later, Summer took the time to explain why she removed the viral-meme images. 

“People are so funny y’all really thought y’all hateful comments had an effect on me? I took my shaved style pic down from IG cause my religion doesn’t allow me to show my head,” Summer wrote on the story of her primary account (@summerwalker)

Now, Summer does not specify the religion nor the extent of trouble she faced. But she continues by saying she “got in trouble” for posting the images. 

“Y’all think [too] highly of yourselves. Y’all weak as* opinions matter to NO ONE, a lot of y’all have as much significance in the world as an ant in the dirt,” Summer wrote. “No one even knows y’all are alive lol I was FINE ASF.”

The hairstyle did take us back a bit,But if Summer likes it, then we love it! People should allow her to be herself while she blesses us with good music. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being different. 

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