Keechant Sewell Makes History As First Female Commissioner Of The NYPD!

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-Angelot Ndongmo-


Ohh she did that! Keechant Sewell has shown up and showed out for her entire career in law enforcement. In recognition of her stellar work, Mayor-elect Eric Adams selected Nassau County Chief of Detectives Keechant Sewel, out of the top female cops across the country She will become the first female ever to take the position of the police commissioner of the NYPD!

NY Post reports, the Queens native understands the significance of her appointment. There have only been two other black police commissioners, both of who were males. She is ready to hit the ground running and has said to the media “I’m here to meet the moment. I’m very humbled to even be considered for this and it’s an extraordinary opportunity. And I take it very seriously, the historic nature of this.”

When Adams was asked how he arrived at his decision, he shared it was a “gut choice.” She was at the top of his list for months before he made it official. He and his team did their due diligence and launched a nationwide search.

“Keechant Sewell is a proven crime fighter with the experience, and emotional intelligence to deliver both the safety New Yorkers need and the justice they deserve,” Adams told the media. He added “Chief Sewell will wake up every day laser-focused on keeping New Yorkers safe and  improving our city, and I am thrilled to have her at the helm of the NYPD,” Adams said.

With 25 years under her belt, armed with quiet unwavering confidence, Sewell shared what she intended to accomplish during her tenure. “I want to let them know that we are absolutely focused on violent crime. Violent crime is the No. 1 priority.”

Her black magic shone through her grueling interview, and Sewell demonstrated an “emotional intelligence” that left a powerful impression on the Mayor. Even during an hours-long mock press conference, about the shooting of an apparently unarmed black man by a white police officer, she was unflappable; remained calm under pressure.

When asked about her strategies to take on the increase of shootings since the pandemic, she was keeping those details to herself. What she did say was, “I want to actually take a look at what’s working in the city and what’s not working,”.

She added, “I want a full assessment of what’s happening in the city right now, to establish what works and what doesn’t to come up with a strategy. I’ve been policing for 25 years, so I’ve actually got some sort of a grasp on what I think works and doesn’t work.”

Cousins! Let’s clap it up 👏🏾  Join us in giving a huge shout-out to Commissioner Keechant Sewell. 

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