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LisaRaye Applauds Rihanna For Reportedly Dropping Ari Fletcher As Savage X Ambassador, Following Wack Domestic Violence Comments, “Making Sure Her Brand Isn’t Tarnished With Any Foolishness”

-Brittany Hennis-


Instagram sensation Ari Fletcher is trending yet again due to her recent controversial comments made in regards to domestic violence!

Not only has she received major backlash from social media users she’s also has rumors circulating that Rihanna pulled her card as a Savage X Fenty Ambassador.

In a recently aired episode of Cocktails With Queens, Lisa Raye tapped in with a few comments of her own in regards to Ari’s comments in saying there is a major difference between being a celebrity and being a social media influencer.

“Shoutout to Rihanna for standing up, and being an example of a woman of her word and making sure that her brand is not tarnished with any foolishness,” says LisaRaye.

She continues, “because, here’s the thing – these younger girls are looking up to these influencers and these social media girls, and so, if you know that, you have an obligation!”

In case you’re unfamiliar, during an interview with Don’t Call Me a White Girl,  Ari had an interesting she shared when the conversation began to discuss the topic of domestic violence Ari then mentioned how she would want Moneybagg to respond if she ever left him, sent social media into a frenzy!

Like, pull your gun out and show me like, Bitch leave. I wish you would walk out the door.”

“I’m going to just sit down because I got a son, and I’m not trying to die – I got a son. So, I’m only staying because I got a son, and I don’t want you to shoot me.”

Maybe the Instagram baddie was joking, yet social media felt like her comments were insensitive to a community of domestic violence survivors. Domestic violence is a serious topic that people face every day. Black Twitter did not approve of this at all.

“Ari Fletcher been a clown, so I don’t know why it’s such an uproar that she promotes toxic relationships. This is the type of relationship goals that you all idolize in these rappers and their girlfriends/baby mamas until there’s domestic violence involves” -@LadiiJ88

“Big bird energy” -@FupaFairy

“Ari just got on live and straight up said she doesn’t care about domestic violence victims or their traumas after some took issue with her saying she wanted Moneybagg Yo to pull his gun out on her” – @Splashystackss

“Ari has a halfway oval face. You all made her famous for being a baby’s mother. Like how?” – @RegineCunter

To add more fuel to the already lit fire, Ari went on her Instagram live to address some of the comments and to address the domestic violence survivors who were commenting as well. 

“Nobody cares. We do not care at all. One time my boyfriend – SO WHAT. You want to be a victim so bad. Why you want to be a victim so bad? I swear I promise to Jesus we do not care.”

Cousins, what are your thoughts on Ari Fletcher comments towards domestic violence? Do you agree with lisaraye?

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