Gabrielle Union Fired From America’s Got Talent For Calling Out Racist Behavior!

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Like anyone else we were all super excited when the ageless Queen #GabrielleUnion announced her new venture as a host of America’s Got Talent. With her bubbly personality paired with a divine ear for music we knew Union would be a shoe in for the gig. Unfortunately our excitement was cut short as it has recently been announced that she has been terminated from the show.

Rumors have been in heavy circulation for the past week of what caused Union and Julianne Hough’s departure after just one season on AGT. According to Yahoo Entertainment News; Union had voiced her opinion upon an offensive incidents that took place on set. Sources have confirmed that both Union and Hough were also singled out for their physical appearance on the show.


Reports read that an incident occurred between Union and Jay Leno earlier this year back in April. While making a guest appearance on AGT it has been indicated that Leno made a comment about a painting of the show’s producer Simon Cowell. Sources state there was a painting with Cowell surrounded by dogs and Leno commented with a tasteless joke implying that the animals look like something a person would find in a Korean restaurant. Multiple bystanders voiced their displeasure with the offensive comment and Union urged for the comment to be taken up with Human Resources. Sources state the issue was never escalated just simply removed from the August 6th episode.


That wasn’t the only issue Union endured while working at NBC. Sources state that Union received multiple complaints pertaining to her choice of hairstyles. With producers going as far as stating her style was “ too Black for the audience of AGT.”

The producer’s of AGT were forwarded the option of renewing Union and Hough’s one year contract for the upcoming season but instead declined.

One of the element’s we admire the most about Union is her unapologetic love for her culture and her people. For the industry to believe that they can exploit black culture when they see put and then place us back in an imaginary box is not only hypocrisy it’s ludicrous!

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