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Rap Icon Yo-Yo Says Jada Pinkett-Smith Wasn’t The Love Of Tupac’s Life, “ I Was”

-Angelot Ndongmo-


Yo-Yo, immersed straight out of the blue water giving Mermaid vibes on a hot LA day with tongues wagging when she tap-danced over a long-standing claim, that Jada Pinkett Smith was Tupac Shakur’s, true love!

The Rap icon said appeared in a recent interview with EURWeb Spotlight, where she spilled some steaming hot Tupac tea in her own authentic, playful way.

When pressed for details of Jada Pinkett-Smith being Tupac’s true love, YoYo responded in a dead-serious tone “No, I was.” Then she bashfully turned her head to the side, stared into the camera from that angle, and doubled down on her statement while giving “Don’t try to play me out” energy.

The female rap legend herself, who helped build the door for other queens in the rap game to walk through, took us on her nostalgic journey regarding one of the greatest rappers of all time, 2pac Shakur. Yo-Yo shared they were deeply in love with one another and how special it was. “He introduced me to his soul” she told radio personality Jazmyn Summers as they casually conversed.

Yo-Yo continued “We were in love and we loved each other until the day he died. Pac became like a brother to me. We were just two people on the road who found each other, fell in love with each other,” as her eyes glowed speaking about him.

“We spent many nights on the road together. He wasn’t perfect nor was he trying to be. He wasn’t afraid to talk about his community, about his parents, stuff that people don’t want to hear about, stuff people don’t want to talk about. People don’t want to talk about their truth. That kind of love he had for truth, made me love him more.”

She outlined how genuine a person he was. The LHH cast member met Pac’s family and got to know them; they had a deep connection. She was confident Shakur had more “deep connections”, both famous and non-famous because of his magnetic personality. She knew whoever dealt with the”Legends Never Die” emcee, would be convinced they were in love with him too.

Yo-Yo added “Tupac had a love for Jada but he had a love for women,” she added. “Anyone he dealt with he loved. He had many loves. He loved sincerely and if he gave you a piece of him, you would remember. He probably slept with some of my friends, but we all love him.”

”He had a rule for me that we couldn’t hang out too much on the road, but he would always sneak my sister out. I’d wake up in the middle of the night and she’d be gone, I would beep him and beep her, and they wouldn’t answer and I would be like stop taking my sister out. I’m responsible for her.”

Yo-Yo shared a harrowing story of being in Mexico with 2Pac and others to perform, but they quickly realized they were being kidnapped or held hostage. Her brother and Shakur had to break her out of the dressing room she was confined to. The show never happened and as they all took off on their tour bus, they were even shot at. It is an interview not to be missed.

It is important to note, that Pinkett-Smith has always stated her relationship with the deceased legend was a platonic one. Yo-Yo has spoken about her intimate relationship with Tupac in the past.

She told the media “What made us special … I love every bit of hip hop he had in his body. He was way too cool in regards to politics and social issues, and he was so hip hop with it at a time when people wasn’t really diggin’ hip hop. I love him. When we kissed, it was magical.”

Cousins, how do you think 2Pac’s love life would have played out with the ladies if he were still alive today? Comment below!

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