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RHOA’s Sheree Whitfield’s Boyfriend Threatens To Take Legal Action Against Bravo Network!

-Brittany Hennis-


Just when we thought the return of Sheree was going to be good, we didn’t know it was going to be MESSY!

Word on the streets is the Real Housewives of Atlanta castmate Sheree Whitfield is trending due to her jail boo threatening to take legal action against Bravo. If you recall in the last season Sheree appeared in, she mentioned her new prison bae several times to the girls. , and in Nene fashion, she did not have anything nice to say regarding her boo. 

According to TMZ Sheree’s boyfriend, Tyrone Gilliams was convicted of wire fraud and accused of stealing more than $5 million from several investors. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison back in 2013. He’s currently undergoing 3-years of supervised release. As per former RHOA cast member Nene Leakes  previous comments, Tyrone is known as a scammer. He stole millions by operating a Ponzi scheme and used the money to support a lavish lifestyle.

The tea is Tyrone is ducking Sheree. Yet, he wants to speak with the Bravo network because he is unhappy about how the show is presenting his story to the world. In a cease-and-desist letter that TMZ obtained, Tyrone’s legal team claims the show had been using his name and story without his permission. He claims that he never gave Bravo the okay to use his life as a storyline for Whitfield in the upcoming season. In the legal documents, Tyrone is threatening to take legal action if Bravo doesn’t stop using his name for profit and ratings. He also wants the network to remove every trace of him from the footage, set to be released during the upcoming season. 

Word on the streets is that Tyrone and Sheree are not on speaking terms, I guess her lifeline has been removed.

DANG, and I was a little excited about Sheree Whitfield returning to Real Housewives of Atlanta. Cousins, do you think Tyrone is being dramatic or do you think he has a right to his privacy?

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