Obsessed Fan Hops Wrong Fence In Hopes Of Proposing To Kylie Jenner!

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-Brittany Hennis-


People are clearly not afraid to shoot their shot. According to trending reports a craze-obsessed fan hopped the gate to Kylie Jenner’s fence with a motive of proposing to her!

 TMZ says local authorities confirmed a man did indeed attempt to hop the cosmetic owner’s fence, but thankfully hopped the fence of the wrong home.

The guy was actually at the neighbor’s home and once he realized asked for Kylie anyway. Officers spoke with the 23-year-old man carrying flowers and explained his love for the Jenner sister. This is not the first run-in Kylie had with this same fan.

Who knows what Kylie’s beauty does to these men? She is doing something, even to the men who have not even had the chance to touch her!

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this fan of Kylie’s?

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