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Master P Asks Judge To End His Marriage And Declare Him Single Once And For All!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


Hip-Hop royalty Master P, has made the difficult decision to ask a judge to emancipate him immediately from his over two decades long marriage and make him a single man once again. 

The music mogul and estranged wife, Sonya Miller seemed to both want to divorce on good terms back in 2016. The former love birds were in agreement to their divorce terms, reported The Source. Neither of them however, sent the docs in to officially get the ball rolling. Some from the outside looking in even hoped for an eventual reconciliation. There is a tremendous history there with the Millers.

The successful entrepreneur has recently opted to yank the plug and close that chapter asap. His legal team is to stay on it till it’s done. Considerations will have to be made around “the date of their separation, validity of postnuptial or prenuptial agreements, and the termination of their marital status etc..”

Hip Hop DX reported that back in 2014, Master P had opened up a bit about his relationship with his soon to be ex wife. He said “To realize in a relationship, you know, things happen, people grow together, they grow apart. My whole thing is, I’m not mad at her, you know, I love her, she’s my kids mother and we got to take care of our kids forever. I think what people got to realize is, when lawyers come into the play and you got lawyers that don’t know your business, don’t know where you come from they play a big effect and I want to apologize to her, you know, to be honest with you because I’m not perfect, nobody’s perfect.”

Master P is currently expanding his entrepreneurial empire. From music, to clothes, to movies, to foods and now he is set to release a touch screen sweet-on-demand ice cream vending machine. It will offer an Ice Cream Shop experience with a variety of fun flavors, customizable toppings or sauces, served up in a cup!

Cousins, to each his own, but why do you feel Master P waited this long to finalize his divorce?

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