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Toccara Jones Stands Up For Tyra Banks Following ‘ANTM’ Backlash On Social Media!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


Model Toccara Jones came out swinging in Tyra Banks’ defense. Attempting to douse mischaracterizations about “ANTM” and it’s beautiful host, that have been spinning around social media recently.

Critics seem to be upset that the contestants were not paid to be on a show that was competition based, reports YAHOO. Toccara brought the “where they do that at” energy, pointing out that contestants never get paid to compete. So essentially, yelling about contestants on competition shows not being paid to compete, is like yelling that water is too wet; it is what it is.

Jones was a third cycle contestant and though many of us were Team Tocarra, she walked away in 7th place. She “mentioned it all” in a recent interview with the media, to reveal the deal about pay on “ANTM”…or lack thereof, as per the growing voices of cancel culture. 

The voluptuous model hinted to the critics to have several seats and quit trying to cancel the uncancellable. Tocarra schooled everyone saying “It’s a contest. So there’s no payment. I mean, when do people pay to be in a contest or get paid to be in a contest. The whole purpose of a contest is to win a prize. You know what I’m saying? It’s for the exposure. The $40 was per diem. So you actually didn’t get paid. Technically, no one got paid because then if someone got paid there could be legal issues about, you know, a winner or who got paid how much…”

Jones made it clear, the opportunity came with undeniable perks that were ripe for the picking if you knew how to utilize an opportunity. The biggest one was of course the exposure. 

As per Jones, they were all fed every day. On top of that, the contestants were given an additional stipend of $40 in case they needed little things here and there during their involvement in the competition. Tocarra twirled on the haters pointing out that after she was off the show, all the television opportunities she created or landed for herself, she gets residuals on, because of her ‘Top Model’ run, okay!

The Plus-Size beauty uplifted her mentor with supportive words, saying  “I love Tyra. She’s still thriving. She still doing good and she’s going to continue to be doing good and people are still talking about the franchise and here we are still speaking about it.”

Cancel culture convos began circulating Banks’ name. After a not so pleased former cycle-nine contestant, Sarah Hartshorne, seemed to feel they should have been hired to compete on the show, tweeting “$40 a day, no residuals, and we had to pay for food.”

Cousins, do you feel contestants who wind up on TV either because of the audition process or officially becoming a contestant in a competition show, should be paid ? Sound off below!

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