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Los Angeles Detective Testifies In Tory Lanez And Megan Thee Stallion 2020 Shooting Incident; Claims He Told Her “Dance B*tch” Before Shooting At Her Feet!



New and shocking details have been forwarded within the Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez 2020 incident!

During today’s preliminary hearing prosecutors claim that the Canadian native was intoxicated at the time when he reportedly yelled “ Dane B****” before shooting at Megan’s feet.

Reports from TMZ read that LAPD detective Ryan Stogner took the stand today testifying in the incident that took place roadside within Hollywood Hills around 4:30 AM after a party.

He said that Tory stood on top of the step board of the SUV they had been in as Megan was outside of it when he reportedly shot her. Megan had endured immediate pain to her feet , noticed she was bleeding and fell to the ground having to then crawl to a nearby driveway of a residence.

While under oath detective Stogner said that Megan informed him of Tory’s apology while begging her to not tell because he was on probation and that he even offered her money, which is originally why Megan said she was injured after stepping on broken glass.
However she ultimately admitted that she lied out of fear of what the police might do to Tory if she told them what really happened and that a gun was in a car especially since it was around the time of the George Floyd murder.

New evidence was also introduced within the hearing consisting of a phone call from Tory while in jail to an unidentified woman who was with Megan at the time of the shooting. He is heard apologizing for something and hinting that his actions were because he was too drunk.

In the midst of the recording Tory yelled, “ HOW YOU GONNA TELL ME WHAT I APOLOGIZED FOR?” He was then advised by his attorney to calm down.

Seeing how Detective Strogner’s testimony aligned with Megan’s already forwarded claims from the very beginning a judge has said to take the incident to trial.

Its set to take place at the top of 2022 on January 13th. Tory is facing one count of assault with a semiautomatic firearm in a manner that caused great bodily injury along with one count of carrying a concealed unregistered weapon.

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