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Black Ohio Police Officer Breaks Silence After White Chief Of Police Reportedly Placed KKK Note On His Desk!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


Police officer Keith Pool of the Sheffield Lake Police Department has officially had enough and has taken rightful action in filing an official complaint against the Chief of Police Anthony Campo for allegedly leaving a KKK note on his desk!

“It was so demeaning… It was offensive and humiliating, and beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in my entire career,” said Officer Pool to the media.

People reports that the incident retailer this year on June 25, was obtained by 

In a disturbing move, Campo was seen using his skills to place a yellow raincoat on Pool’s desk, and made it look like the hood and robe worn by members of the white supremacist terrorist hate group known as the KKK.

Even more troubling was Chief Campo choosing to stay near, waiting for his target to return. Pool did just that, though there is no audio to confirm what the two law enforcement officers said to one another. 

“It was not a funny joke…” Pool reflected. “Even when we watch it now, I’m in disbelief that this happened to me. It was so demeaning that, in the moment, I didn’t know how to react. I felt like I’d be hit with a sledgehammer …What else can you say to the chief of police who did something so heinous, so awful?”, the 30 year veteran, who has worked for varying departments around northeastern Ohio, added during the press conference.

Campo was also seen wearing a KKK hat at the time. “A prank” is what Campo framed his behaviours as, Pool’s attorneys stated, per CBS news.

Cousins, what would you do if you got back to the desk with a KKK hood and robe on it? Comment below

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