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NY Man That Raped Four Teens Gets Probation With Judge’s Stamp of Approval; Says He “Prayed On It”

-Angelot Ndongmo-


A monopoly style ‘get out of jail free’ card was activated in court recently, by Niagara County Judge, Matthew Murphy, who claims to have prayed over his decision!

It felt more like, the judge patted admitted rapist Christoper Belter’s head and let him walk free with only probation getting him home just in time for din-din during Thanksgiving.

Belter was attending the exclusive Canisius High School in Buffalo NY, when each of the girls were attacked separately in his home. The NY Prep schooler, now 20, sat still staring at Judge Murphy ‘agonizing’ over trying to find not one, not two, not three but four good reasons why this assailant shouldn’t do any jail time and came up empty handed with nothing but the Lord’s blessing.

Judge Murphy said in court “…I actually prayed over what is the appropriate sentence in this case. It seems to me that a sentence that involves incarceration or partial incarceration isn’t appropriate, so, I am going to sentence you to probation,” reports NY Post. The four women Belter sexually assaulted were left emotionally footing the bill.

Though Belter was 17 years of age at the time, he was tried as an adult and facing eight years in prison for sexually assaulting four teenage girls as young as 15 and 16 years of age. The thought of Belter being held accountable for his crimes with a jail sentence almost appeared more unbearable to the judge, than to the rapist. Instead, the now free man got a little tickle under the chin from Judge Murphy, which of course was painfully unbearable and infuriating for Belter’s four victims.

While one of the victims became physically ill after hearing the judgement, her lawyer Steve Cohen, told the media “I am deeply, deeply disappointed. He is privileged. He comes from money. He is white. He was sentenced as an adult, appropriately. For an adult to get away with these crimes is …unjust. I expected a different outcome today. Justice was not done today.”

CNN reports, the most Christopher, the man, who told a then 16 year old teen to “stop being such a baby” while he raped her as she cried trying to focus on a plant; will have to do is register as a sex offender. Stay on probation for 8 years as he lives his best life.

One would like to think he was slightly remorseful. When he made a little statement of his own to the victims in court saying, “through treatment and reflection, I’ve come to feel deep shame and regret for my actions. None of you deserved to be in this situation. I hope each of you could close that wound I gashed.” However then he added “I know though, that a scar will remain that will serve as a reminder of the evil of that night.”

Buffalo News has recently reported that Christopher has been assigned level three violent sex offender.

According to the New York State Division of Criminal Services there are three risk levels.

  • Level 1 (low risk of repeat offense), or

  • Level 2 (moderate risk of repeat offense), or

  • Level 3 (high risk of repeat offense and a threat to public safety exists)

Cousins, they say Fairy Godmother is to Cinderella, what the court system is for the caucasion community. Do you agree? Are the courts a facade for the community who created the laws and only real life for everyone else? Comment below!

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