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Dave Chappelle’s High School Cancels Fundraiser For Theatre Named In His Honor!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


The students who attend Duke Ellington School of the Arts in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington D.C., have put a cork in the proceedings for a planned fundraiser with alumni Dave Chappelle, when they threatened to “walk it out” through the door!

Despite the unwavering news reports read that Chappelle has done tremendous things for his alma mater. The Grio confirms the Comedian has “visited the school many times, donated $100k, gifted one of his Emmy Awards, delivered a commencement address back in 2015, held a master class for the students and was even fundraising for the school just before “The Closer” hit Netflix. 

Despite his goodwill, the Duke Ellington students are not on board with having the award winning comedian attend. It was noted a report from the Politico Playbook shared that when two students were requested to host an exhibition on the day Chappelle would be in attendance, a heated debate ensued with staff. The students did not want their peers who identify as LGBTQ to feel uncomfortable. 

Chappelle is proud to have the theatre he used to hide in while skipping school, named after him, calling it “the most significant honor.” 

The Principal Sandi Logan, said “Every time we ask him to do something, he’s always done it.” The accomplished graduate intends on raising $1.5 million to help support the teachers salaries at the renowned arts school. 

Though it is a comedian’s job to make us laugh, during their set with their wit or giving us unorthodox ways of viewing things, the stand-up comedic believes it was his material during “The Closer” where he likened being transgender to wearing blackface, that got him cancelled, reported YAHOO. 

Cousins, does Dave Chappelle deserve the cold shoulder from the students of Duke Ellington?

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