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Will Smith Gives “King Richard” Co-Stars A Lil Sumthin Sumthin On the Side To Make Up For Financial Losses Resulting From HBO Max & Theatre Film Release!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


Will Smith took a financial hit for the team recently by personally paying out cash bonuses to his “King Richard” co-stars, upon learning Warner Media moved to simultaneously release the highly anticipated film both on HBO Max and theaters!

Streaming services have come a long way, adding to the ease of accessibility to box office smash hits right in the comfort of our own home.

In fact, Statista released back in June of 2020 that “just 14 percent of adults said that they strongly preferred seeing a movie for the first time in a theater, and 36 percent said that they would much rather stream the film at home than visit a cinema” So while this is a great financial decision for Warnermedia who are behind the HBO Max streaming service, it can at times slash holes in the pockets of performers.

Will‘s on set reputation is legendary. Throughout the filming of “King Richard” was no exception. YAHOO noted the iconic actor produced and starred in the upcoming movie where he secured the bag, earning a cool $40 million.

“A source described the payments as a nice bonus, given by Smith on top of what they already received from the studio as compensation, for the pivot to simultaneous HBO Max release strategy.”

Will didn’t play rock, paper, scissors either to determine the cash bonus recipients. The entire cast got a sprinkle of cash from the box office royalty himself, as compensation for Warnermedia’s choice to stream.

Layla Crawford, who appears in the film shared “he gave us Polaroid cameras and different treats all the time. He’s just such a generous and sweet person. He also gave us iPhone 12 Pro Max gifts in boxes. We ripped them open and everyone started crying. I literally cried my eyes out – it was the best gift ever. Will Smith is a blessing, I learned so much from working with him.”

“King Richard” is set to debut on November 19, 2021.

Cousins, will you be watching from the theatre or from your comfy sofa? Comment below.

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