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9 Year Old Boy Ezra Blount Trampled At AstroWorld 21’, Passes Away!


It is with a truly heavy heart that we inform you all of the tragic passing of 9 year old AstroWorld festival attendee Ezra Blount!

According to ABC News, Ezra’s family has confirmed that the young boy passed away today due to injuries he endured after being trampled during this year’s festival.

As we previously reported Ezra spent his final days on life support after being severely injured resulting in the failure of his viral organs.

The young boy’s dad Treston Blount tells ABC News 13, that his son was excited to attend the concert because he’s a big Travis Scott fan. He explained to the outlet that they stayed towards the back of the crowd on November 5th in hopes of dodging any potential bumping. However he says soon as the rapper hit the stage the chaos began.

Treston says attendees began to push and he lost conscious causing Ezra to fall to the ground where he was tremendously trampled. He says that wasn’t able to find his son immediately, the father contacted onsite medics and then filed a police report.

Treston later received a message along with Ezra’s picture providing details about his son. The heavy hearted dad says by the time he got to the hospital his son’s organ were damaged, his brain swollen and he was ultimately on life support.

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