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Lala Anthony Accused Of Stealing Fashion Designer’s Work For PLT Collaboration!

-Brittany Hennis-


Lala Anthony joined forces with Pretty Little Thing to launch her own line recently, but the collab was responded to with direct accusations from a Black designer of stealing!

Yahoo News reported that designer Ash Forde, took to Instagram to blast the former wife of LA Laker Carmelo Anthony, regarding the way her and her team copying her design.

“I can’t express the amount of disbelief I’m experiencing right now. For another black woman to mirror the designs of another black woman, pure hurt. We’ve seen this narrative so many times from different cultures, but girl — OURS?”

She continues to say, “Before I launched, @lala’s stylist @therealnoigjeremy reached out to pull from my first collection for @maisonashforde. We met in NYC where I personally delivered the dress with excitement,” she states. “MY DESIGNS, NO TEAM, NO SUPPORT, MY FUNDING, AND FOR FREE. Only to find out that the design of my dress would be duplicated by a larger fast fashion brand for @lala’s collab with @prettylittlething and it’s sad because we’ve seen this happen with small black businesses too many times. We know that @lala had to approve these designs. The level of respect is at an all-time low. Being an influencer and new designer, I’ve never counted out small businesses. My rates are fair. I always give recognition and ALL OF MY DESIGNS are original. Just thought I’d share my story, so it puts a dent into the cycle stopping in this industry”

Anthony’s team has denied the accusations and claims that the PLT collection had been in the works for two years.

In an Instagram post, a member from Lala’s team shared a text message that showed he had reached out to Ash back on September 7th and he also shared, “For clarification purposes the collection was designed & produced prior to me pulling the dress, I was not involved in the creative process of the line. Nonetheless, I am very proud of my sis @lala hard work. Make sure y’all support”

Wow this situation is so messy and this is nothing new to the fashion industry. Fashion designers steal ideas from designers who are not a big name and then you see high end fashion be redesigned as a knock off!

Cousins, do you think Lala intentionally stole Ash Forde design?

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