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Iyanla Vanzant Reveals That Death Threats & Trespassers Made Her Drawdown Her Hit Show “Fix My Life”


During her most recent interview on the Tamron Hall Show, Iyanla Vanzant was very candid about her circumstances. Death threats and some trespassers, led her to wind down her hit TV show “Fix My Life”.

Known for her quirky methods and gut punching revelatory truths, one thing you could always count on was Iyanla’s ability to give you a hot steam cup of your own tea to sip on.

Vanzant talked with Tamron Hall about her inner intuition, and why she wasn’t at all nervous to break the news to Oprah Winfrey or her team. “I wasn’t nervous because one of the things that I’ve learned is that when I get an intuitive hit, or guidance to do something, I sit with it until it’s solid in me”.

The Life Coach could no longer ignore or accept the unwanted work hazards that unfortunately came along with her spiritually healing platform. She elaborated on being very sensitive to people’s energy. Growing weary of the intense scrutiny about irrelevant things like her hair/nails, or trespassers who would literally show up to her actual home address begging for help.

The troubling irony is not lost, that while the inspirational leader tried to fix the client’s lives, some people were threatening to end hers. All because they didn’t like her style of healing or advice she had given them. “People we’re coming to my home. I was getting death threats because they didn’t like something I said or did, and I’m like; I want to be free of this. I don’t want this.” she chuckled. “….they would call me ‘I know you don’t know me but I need help!’”

Vanzant recognized the backlash from disgruntled guests, was her own jagged little pill to swallow while empowering the community. After almost 10 years in, the controversial television personality threw in the towel and chose freedom for her own future to “be free of this.”

Though she has had it with those subjecting her to rounds of ‘Guess who’s coming uninvited to dinner’, the best selling author’s goal still remains to uplift the community.

“I have so many vehicles and avenues where I serve people. I’m on social media, I have classes, I teach; you don’t get to call me on my private phone at 2am in the morning…and so I just wanted to be free of that..”

The spiritual healer shared that she believes in the power of being still, in order to manifest the “deepest wisdom” and “divine guidance”. Iyanla dropped gems including about how people should focus on how decisions affect themselves and not others.

Vanzant opened up about losing her 31 year old daughter to colon cancer back in 2003 on Christmas Day. She felt like a fraud during that time.

“I’m flying all over the world helping people, I’m supporting people and their growth, and then as Mommy, my pup was sick and there was nothing I could do,” she shared. “I was walking around feeling like,”If I can’t help my own, how can I help other people?”

Hall was visibly emotional after Iyanla journeyed through the experience of saying goodbye to her daughter. Vanzant may have left the TV screen, but she will still be in our lives via her new podcast “The R Spot” with Shondaland Audio & iHeartmedia reports the World News. There she will provide couples with tools on how to effectively work through their problems.

Cousins, what would you have done in Miss Iyanla Vanzant’s shoes? Comment below!

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