Lisa Bonet’s Daughter Zoe Kravitz Sheds Light On Her Experience With Bill Cosby Says His Energy Was Sinister!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Zoe Kravitz spilled a tiny sip of tea our way shedding insight into her mom Lisa Bonet’s relationship and overall experience working with Bill Cosby.

Up until recently Lisa has remained pretty tight-lipped about everything including her sudden departure from the show. You know what they say….sometimes, it be your own kids! Well Zoe shared that Cosby was anything but happy when he learned of Bonet’s pregnancy.

Though Bonet claims not to remember, she always refers to Cosby as “Mr Righteous” leaving the hidden layers of that nickname up to our imaginations.

Zoe states “Her and him never got along. Whether he was attracted to her, or he resented her having a mind of her own, she always got a weird vibe from him. A dark vibe.”

She also recalled finding an old photo of herself being held by Cosby while on set and commented “It’s actually a really disturbing picture. His face is not a sweet face at all. It’s kind of creepy,” told Zoe to Rolling Stone.

“There was just an energy, and that type of sinister, shadow energy cannot be concealed.”

She further discussed her Mom feeling’s and how things went down including the rapid departure from the Cosby show at the height of her career celebrity, marriage to Lenny Kravitz and pregnancy. 

Zoë explains that her mother values her privacy and when she became a huge sensation in the 80s the public expected more of her but it just so happens she wasn’t feeling the vibe and preferred the stillness and peace she found after leaving the show and raising her daughter far away from the publicity storm.

Zoe says Bonet attributes her daughter for saving her life.

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