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Ice Cube Reportedly Walks Away From $9 Million Dollar Movie Role After Turning Down Covid-19 Vaccine!


Ice Cube is sticking to his own personal beliefs when it comes down to the vaccination after turning down a multimillion dollar movie deal that required him to follow implemented Covid protocols!

According to TMZ the rapper and actor decided to pass on his role in the upcoming movie “ Oh Hell No,” because he refused producers mandatory request for him to get vaccinated against the virus.

Not only is Cube skipping the big pay day but he’s also declining to work on location within Hawaii and his starring role alongside actor Jack Black.

Reports read that both Cube and Jack signed a deal with Sony earlier this year back in June, it wasn’t long after that producers forwarded the request for all cast members to take the Covid-19 vaccine shot.

Though Cube hasn’t spoken publicly on his decision, he has shown effort in lending a helping hand to those in need during the pandemic. He has raised money for frontline healthcare workers by selling t-shirts with him wearing a mask on it as well as donating face coverings to a college in Oklahoma back in August.

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