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The Carters Reportedly Selling Their New Orleans Mansion For $4.4 Million Following Arsonist Setting It To Flame!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


The block was literally hot, when an arsonist set Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s expansive New Orleans Mansion ablaze!

It burned for a couple of hours, and it is not clear how much damage the property was exposed to. Fortunately, there are no reports of anyone being hurt or that the power couple was present when it happened. 

In 1925, this eye-popping building was originally a Church that was then modified, to host a multitude of top tier stars and swanky events, including weddings. 

It is nestled in the historical Garden District; word on the street is that the acoustics there are beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.

TMZ reports that “a Grammy winner once admitted to doing their best writing ever, while watching the sunset from the rooftop garden!” Though they will not reveal who said it, we could easily place a bet on it coming from the Carters corner.

Their mansion is listed at only $4.45 million, on the heels of the arsonist igniting the fire. The Carters are being gracious however and will include a complimentary paint job to satisfy the new owner’s tastes. 

Cousins, what say you? Should we pool our money together to afford the down payment? Comment below

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