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Jamie Foxx Speaks On His Dating Life And Explains Why He Never Got Married, “ I Just Never Saw It In My Life”


For the first time in his monumental career of music, comedy, television, film and the many other talents he has showcased to his millions of fans, Jamie Foxx is sharing deep and intimate details of his personal life!

With the release of his very first memoir “Act Like You Got Some Sense,” Jamie is letting fans in on the most sacred parts of his existence from his love for his daughters, trials tribulations of fatherhood, celebrity status, relationships and more.

Within the book he even doubles back on his interview with media guru Oprah Winfrey and double down on his decision to not marry, “not saying that you don’t want to love, not saying that you don’t want someone that you care for, not saying that you don’t want to care for other people, I just never saw it in my life,” explained Jamie.

He’s also very transparent about the judgement he says he never felt about his children’s mother belonging to non Black women.

“With me and my dating and my kids, I’ve been very tight with that because I am a Black man and I’m aware of that. I’m aware of my Blackness in every single way, but I like to keep my life private.”

“I didn’t hide that and I didn’t hide the fact that I love my Black folk and I didn’t want any of that to define me or make it seem like it was anything other than I had children with people I loved at that time and still love. I don’t want that to cloud anything because I’m not that dude.”

Jamie also recognizes that there are men who purposely seek out women that are not Black to have children with however he says, “Everything in my world is Black, even the white folks. I take those same white people to the George Floyd [rally] and we gone watch Do The Right Thing too.”

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