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61 Year Old Male Received Viral Backlash For Reportedly Marrying His 18 Year Old God Daughter!


Social media is in a frenzy right now following circulating reports that 61 year old Michael Haugabook married his God daughter Deja Haugabook as soon as she turned 18!

It had been indicated that Deja and Michael shared family history prior to tying the knot.

A circulated tweet claims that Michael started dating Deja after he had dated originally dated her mother Davina Evans first a few years ago.

The story of the reportedly newly wedded couple caused so much tranction that both the bride and her mother responded to social media users comments with a quick a background story.

From what we gathered throughout social media, Michael has multiple children as previously married to Deja’s mom.

Circulating photos show him carrying Deja when she was a toddler.

According to Adom Online she went missing in 2017 and Michale was seen begging people on Facebook to help find “their daughter”.

However, the outlet states that Deja was still 17, and posted that she was in a relationship but people didn’t know who she was dating. 

However when she turned 18, she got married to Michael, causing people to believe he had been grooming and dating the teen; waiting until she was of legal age to marry her. It has been said that he was 55 but confirmed reports state that he ja actually 61 years old.


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