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Investigators Uncover Additional Offences Against Viral Racist Edward Matthews Including Smearing Feces!

-AngeLot ndongmo-


When the famous quote was released to the world by Zen Shin, “a flower doesn’t think of competing with the flower next to it; it just blooms”, most would agree 45 year old Edward Cagney Matthews did not get that memo.

Matthews seems hell bent on staying within his comfort level and exemplifying the most unevolved, rudimentary ideologies known to man..racism.

He has been on a steady escalation of deplorable acts against his unsuspecting neighbors, who were just busy living their day to day lives. These very actions culminated with his arrest back in July after he was seen and heard on a now viral video, yelling racial slurs at one of his neighbors and when police arrived: “get these f**king monkey n***ers out of here.”

More recently it was discovered by the prosecutor’s office that he not only left a threatening note on a neighbor’s vehicle, but also smeared feces on it.

The irony is simply not lost, that this serial aggressor attempted to imply melanated individuals were animal like. Seems rudimental, when it was in fact he, a full grown adult, who saw fit to play in feces and smear it over a vehicle.

The community can sleep a little sounder; now that he is being held at the Burlington County Jail since his arrest on July 5th, 2021. A pandora box of 22 additional charges, according to an investigation by Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office and the Mount Laurel Police Department according to CNN.

His charges are accumulating and some of them include ‘bias intimidation, harassment, criminal mischief, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and stalking’.

Police reports show that from 2016-2021, there have been 40 complaints all from minorities, naming this violator of societal norms, as a subject. Yes, Edward Cagney Matthews is his name, displaying just how interpersonally and his mal adjusted within society he has become, is his game.

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