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Marian Croak And Dr. Patricia BathMake History As First Black Women To Be Inducted Into The National Inventors Hall Of Fame!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


Since the beginning of time, black women have been innovators and contributed substantially to the advancement of society, as well as the technology we rely on and enjoy today. What makes black women inventions all the more remarkable, are the seemingly insurmountable odds they power through in order to bring them to fruition.

You may not know many of their names, but if you removed their inventions from your daily lives, the impact would be profoundly felt.

From the front door security system created by Marie Van Britton Brown utilized worldwide, to the animation tools created by Lisa Gelobter required for GIFs that billions of people use globally. Black women have been slaying the invention game regardless of the lack of support, as acknowledged in Popsugar.

According to NPR the National Inventors Hall of Fame, has honored approximately 600 other innovators, some who were living and some who have passed on. In nearly five decades of existence; none of which have been black women.

The upcoming 2022 class of inductees to be honored; ophthalmologist Patricia Bath whose innovation reshaped cataract surgery and engineer Marion Croak whose technology made remote work possible, will be included reports Popsugar. Both of them are black women.

For a long time the sistahs have been feeling like, “oh so we’re just supposed to pretend like we didn’t invent some of the most significant contributions known to mankind?”

A few examples of inventions by black women, that have added to the quality of our lives:

● The 1st hairbrush to feature synthetic bristles – by Lyda Newman while she lived in Manhattan

● More efficient curling iron – by Theora Stephens

● New and improved ironing board – by Sarah Boone

● Clothes-wringing machine – by Ellen Elgin

● Central heating – by Alice H. Parker from New Jersey

● Technology to use internet for long distance phone calls for Skype, Google hangouts – by

Marian Croak

Okaaaay! Without the extensive and varied contributions of Black Women inventions, we would not be living our best lives today!

Cousins, in honor of their fabulosity, what is one of your favorite inventions created by a black woman that you enjoy using today?

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