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YouTube Permanently Bans Both R Kelly Channels From Platform!

-Angelot Ndongmo- 


YouTube strives to have a fairly inclusive platform. However, in light of Kelly’s conviction of federal racketeering and sex trafficking, approximately a week after the ruling they took the unusual move of banning the RnB singer’s channels (RKelly TV and Vevo) permanently.

This was so they could be in accordance with their guidelines, stated Ivy Choi, a YouTube spokesperson.

According to NY Times, “an internal memo by Nicole Alston, YouTube’s head of legal, said, “Egregious actions committed by R. Kelly warrant penalties beyond standard enforcement measures due to a potential to cause widespread harm.”

YouTube guidelines allows them to remove channels from individuals who have been accused of, plead guilty to or are convicted of serious crimes. The rules extend only to channels, so the “Ignition” (remix) singer’s music will still be allowed to be heard on user-generated content via song covers, and Kelly’s topic page that streams the award winner’s music and YouTube Music. 

The self proclaimed Pied Piper’s fall from grace has spanned over many years. 

The multiple Grammy award winner, singer-songwriter, and producer had an outstanding and lengthy career, all while contemporaneously being plagued by allegations of inappropriate behaviours with women and underage girls for well over 25 years according to NPR.

Kelly still has a slew of outstanding criminal charges to answer to in other states. He remained emotionless as the jury’s guilty plea was given in a New York courtroom last month.

Cousins, do you agree with YouTube banning his channels on the heels of his conviction?

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