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Suspect Involved In Pop Smoke Fatal Home Invasion Case Argues That He Advised Shooter To Use Flower Vase To Defend Himself!


One of the four suspects involved in the fatal home invasion that claimed the life of Brooklyn, New York rapper Pop Smoke, is currently working extra hard to get murder charges against him tossed out!

According to reports from Revolt, Corey Walker alongside his lawyer Christopher Darden appeared in court on Friday requesting that numerous charges be dropped.

One of the serval charges include, murder with the special circumstance that it transpired during a burglary and robbery.

Christopher argues that his client was not the person that shot Pop because he reportedly never entered the home and that he advised the group of teens not to shoot anyone or get into a physical altercation.He says that he told them to instead use a flower vase to defend themselves.

There is no evidence that the defendant had any prior criminal experience with his co-suspects or that he knew any one of them was particularly violent or inclined to shoot and kill the victim,” reads court documents from Revolt.

“The defendant did all he could to prevent the death of the victim given the nature of the crime. The defendant was not present inside the house at the time of the shooting, so there was nothing he could have done to prevent the shooting once the suspects were inside.”

Christopher states that Corey was so upset behind the fatal shooting of Pop that he assaulted the 15 year old shooter. . “This was not the plan. The plan was that nobody would be killed or injured,”

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