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Wendy Williams Show Delayed Again Due to ‘Health Issues’, Talks Of Nick Cannon Show Filling In As Replacement!

—Avier Wanjou Brass—


Talk show host Wendy Williams has once again rescheduled her season premiere due to “ongoing health issues”. 

If you were looking forward to The Season 13 premiere of The Wendy Williams Show, we have bad news. Unfortunately, the premiere date has been delayed again due to Wendy Williams‘s ongoing medical issues. The premiere date intended for Oct. 4 has been moved to Oct. 18, according to the show’s Instagram page. 

According to Deadline, Sep.18 was the original date for the premiere. It was moved to Oct. 4 because Williams tested positive for COVID-19. On Instagram, the show account adds, “Her breakthrough COVID case is no longer an issue and she has tested negative, but she is still dealing with some ongoing medical issues.”

Also, the show says, “she has been and continues to be under a doctor’s care and is still not ready to return to work.” 

Now, reportedly if Williams is not back at one hundred percent, then Nick Cannon is supposed to be her replacement temporarily.

A source told the outlet, “The executives have been talking. They are keeping a close eye on [Williams’] recovery and hoping for the best. But they have pushed back [her] show premiere several times so they are already thinking of a backup plan.”

“It would not be a far stretch for Nick to take her time slot… Debmar-Mercury [which produces both Williams’s show and Cannon’s talk show] is really pushing to make Nick Cannon’s show a huge success. He already has a major platform, and a huge fanbase, so it is an easy win. So, if Wendy’s show ends up being a no-go, their backup plan is already set.”

Either way, we wish her a speedy recovery and hope she can come back to television sometime soon.

The new date has been pushed to October. 18th as of right now.

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