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Black Girl Magic Is On The Loose Including Outer Space As Dr Sian Proctor Becomes 1st Black Woman Spacecraft Pilot!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


College Professor Dr Sian Proctor, 51 from Tempe, Arizona, has made history as the first Black woman to pilot a spacecraft!

Judging by her infectious smile, she understood the assignment, holding down a doctorate in science education. She was the obvious choice and personally invited to join the Inspiration4 Mission reports the New York Times.

Dr Sian Proctor shared some powerful heartfelt words: “There have been three Black female astronauts that have made it to space, and knowing that I’m going to be the fourth means that I have this opportunity to not only accomplish my dream, but also inspire the next generation of women of color and girls of color and really get them to think about reaching for the stars and what that means.” 

Scheduled to leave September 15 2021 for a 3 day stay, as stated by CNN, it’s the 1st tourist-filled trip! We wish her all the best and will wear shades when mentioning this trailblazer’s name. Her future is definitely burning bright!

Cousins would you purchase a ticket if you could check out what’s in the upper atmosphere?

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